Printed Books with AR features – to be published soon

Printed Books with AR features – to be published soon

Two new book titles are on the way. Firstly, the Swedish edition of A Frenchman in Stockholm 1844-45 is already available as an audiobook and ebook, both in English and Swedish, but now also is printed as a hardcover illustrated book. And secondly a brand new book with the title Matresan genom Småland (in Swedish) which is a combined guide for the culinary trip through the region of Småland as well as that it contains Smålandish recipes for your own kitchen. In addition to interesting content, both books also contain related Augmented Reality (AR) features created on our SOE PublishingLab platform.

AR is a technology that builds bridges between the physical and digital worlds. And since each book is unique and the technology is highly developmental, printed books with AR functions provide significant opportunities to reinforce and add new dimensions to the book’s content.


En fransman i StockholmA Frenchman in Stockholm 1844-45 is an eyewitness story of life in Stockholm in the mid-1840s. At the time of Oskar I’s coronation, the author François Rouel visits the Swedish capital. He stays there for almost half a year and examines social life in all parts of society, entertainment, working life, the mass media, and governmental institutions.


The book has been empowered with the possibility of listening to one chapter or more via mobile phone, as well as the reader being able to examine the history behind the illustrations in the book via an interactive chapter.

Matresan genom SMÅLAND AND AR

Matresan genom SmålandMatresan genom Småland is the result of many visits to different parts of this region that was the birthplace of Astrid Lindgren, Vilhelm Moberg, Carl Linnaeus and Albert Engström. In the search of the food culture that originates from the area’s unfertile difficult-to-use fields and its craft- and entrepreneurial tradition that is some of the ingredients that makes it unique. A fact that the tourism industry in Småland is increasingly trying to develop, and as a result, lots of craft-based businesses are growing in the culinary experience’s success. To whom this book is a guide.

At the same time, Matresan genom Småland is a guide in your own kitchen with a total of 16 recipes directly taken from the landscape’s rich menu of food culture. All this is framed with stories and history descriptions, including from the above mentioned authors.


The AR functions in the book are based on simplified navigation for the traveler through Småland where the book integrates with maps in Google Maps and Apple’s equivalent. It is also possible to open an interactive map via the book with more functionality, more information about this at the time when the book is published.

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