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Author Community Makerspace – a place for food lovers

Join our food culture community makerspace – a place for food lovers

Author Community Makerspace - a place for food lovers

Do you Enjoy, are Interested and know much about food?

Do you want to be or are already an author?

Do you like to write about food and food culture?

Do like to teach other about food and food culture?

Do think technology can empower your book?

If yes, then you should register for a author membership free trial to create an interactive book and printed book.

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Author Community Makerspace


Try out writing and creating interactive books in our free Author Community Makerspace. It works great both to create interactive features for printed books and as an interaQtive book that your iReaders can use on- and offline. Click here to register




Many more niched community sites will be launched in the coming months like:

Children’s Books

Softskills Development

Active Family

Here are some of the benefits of B-InteraQtive publishing for authors and publishers:

  1. Increased Reach: B-InteraQtive Publishing allows authors and publishers to reach a much wider audience than traditional publishing methods. With the platform’s global reach, authors and publishers can easily distribute their content to readers around the world.
  2. Cost Savings: B-InteraQtive publishing eliminates the need for costly printing and distribution costs associated with traditional publishing. This allows authors and publishers to save money and focus their resources on creating quality content. At the same time as you can develop printed books and integrate interactive features in them 
  3. Increased Collaboration: B-InteraQtive Publishing encourages collaboration between authors and publishers. This allows authors and publishers to work together to create content that is both engaging and profitable.
  4. Improved Monetization: B-InteraQtive Publishing provides authors and publishers with a variety of monetization options. This allows authors and publishers to maximise their profits and ensure that their content is reaching the right audience.
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