Empower Your Book with Interactivity – Storyteller On Demand

Empower Your Book with Interactivity – Storyteller On Demand

interaQtive booksStoryteller On Demand includes FREE analysis of Your book in order to make it interactive, counselling, development on SOE PublishingLab-platform, demo-test, and end-product. The interaQtive books can be published as native interactive books (downloadable) for Android and iOS. Progressive Interactive Books that work on- and offline for most devices and OS. And an Interactive Book Online is a web-based application. The interaQtive book concept is especially well equipped for skills development, learning in general, brand management, engagement, and inspirational productions as well as books for children and teenagers. It includes advanced interactive modules and quizzes, and mechanisms for gamification and simulations, and multimedia.

Book with Interactivity

Storyteller on demand


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