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Learning Design – Counselling & Developing services

Empower HumansAdapting Data and administrative text to Human PrerequisitesA wealth of information creates a poverty of attentionTransform data and Administrative text

Counselling – Digital Learning Design

Learning Design - Counselling & Developing servicesWe offer counselling based on 34 years of combined experience of digital learning in pedagogy, development, results management, practical experience as online teachers and blended learning. Where LarsGöran Boström’s two books on the subject serve as a good starting point for the development of digital learning. In particular, the latest, Learning Design in Practice for Everybody, is still a very up-to-date description of technology development and project management for effective learning. Other information and analyses of digital learning can be found at elearningworld.se and elearningworld.eu where new articles are published every week. Please contact us in the form below

To use Storytelling as a powerful tool for understanding and developing organisations to create meaningful connections, foster collaboration, and drive organisational growth. Learn more here | Blog Post

Knowledge Management best practice


We help you improve your organisation’s knowledge management, including development and implementation. We can create a complete system for your organisation, from our 15 years experience, including the development of SOE PublishingLab, or give advice for improvements of parts of your knawledge management system, aswell as actually manage your system, are some of the services that we offer. Please contact us in the form below




interaQtive Books on demand

interaQtive BooksInteractive Digital Books structured in book-chapter pages with integrated interactive features including gamification or printed books with interactive features bridged with AR technology. Where the user or iReader can use the book on- and offline in most operating systems Android, Chrome OS, iOS, MacOS and Windows. Learn more here and contact us in form below






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