Interactive Children’s Books – encouraging, pedagogical and fun

Interactive Children’s Books – encouraging, pedagogical and fun

Interactive Children's Books – encouraging, pedagogical and funInteractive children’s books are forming bridges to engagement, to learning in an activating way. Where the interactive features can empower the pedagogical aspects as well as the iReader-experience.

The sing-song writer and author Lisa Loeb that for instance write for children wrote the following about interactive children’s books:

“I want children to be glued to interactive books that encourage singing and dancing. I feel when kids work together it brings about a different energy.”
Lisa Loeb

Yes, interactive books certainly are taking the digital literature- and learning experience to the next level. The possible empowerment of a manuscript is next to endless. Where the basic solution is to always start from the reader or iReader that we prefer to call the user of an interactive book. Read more about our platform and services for interactive books.

Gamification and Interactive Children’s Books

One of the most empowering features for interactive books is gamification. However, this does not mean that you turn your book into a computer game. But instead, you are using mechanisms that a billion people use every day around the world to empower intrinsic motivation to Go, Aim, Make, Entertain.

Gamification is here the driving force of engagement, behaviour- and pedagogical improvements after your requirements. This is taking the impact of the purpose and experience of your book to the next level.

What is described above is really the next step of the web’s development and the next generation ebooks. That means the next step of a journey that has gone from information to socialising and now to actually doing. In other words to be interactive and creative, with features that make the mind spin, and actually empowering learning.

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