The next destination of the writing community

The next destination of the writing community

We are now happy to present the next destination of the writing community. It is a place for most senses, but especially taste and sight, with immersive insights and stories. 

Pick up the pencil and take it with you on your journey or write about your home region, and become an interactive food author. Join our food community where you can publish blog posts and create and develop interactive books. In the next step we can also transform your work to an interactive printed book. The author membership includes exclusive support and a complete toolbox to create interactive books, and the opportunity to make money on your work.

Ongoing projects and more opportunities

The next destination of the writing communityAt the moment there are already a number of interactive book projects ongoing in the community and many more food bloggers are also joining with our free community membership. 

Soon there will be more opportunities in the Food Culture Community e.g. when our gamification system is activated as well as when the professional blogging feature will be launched. Where the latter gives the opportunity to make money by blogging about food and food journeys.

For inspiration and to learn more about the Food Culture Community Makerspace, please visit You will here find blog posts about the food culture of Funen and Lower Saxony, and more is on the way. The community is at the moment available in English and Swedish.

About the memberships

interactive book projectsThe Food Culture Community is for food lovers that want to share their tasty knowledge and also learn from others. As a member you can publish blog posts about your food journeys in your kitchen and in the world. Besides writing your own posts you can comment on other’s blog posts and view and review interactive book samples on this subject. The community membership is free. Get ready for mind blowing and tasty experiences.

Let’s be interactive! To produce the best experience for your iReaders in the community and beyond it, you can start to create interactive books about your food journeys. With SOE PublishingLab and its user experience capabilities you can take your authorship to a new level by empowering your story with interactive features. 

To make this happen you sign up for an Author Membership that includes a simplified interface to create interactive books. The Author Membership also includes support in different forms. Then you can sell your interactive book in BiQstore to other community members and beyond, and receive your author-payments directly to your PayPal-account after the customer has bought you book. Click here for more information

Food Culture Community - the next destination of the writing community

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