Interactified Books – integrated storytelling and learning

Interactified Books – integrated storytelling and learning

Interactified Books – integrated storytelling and learningTo be able to use more senses than the eyes for simply reading is one of the main benefits of interaQtive books. Or on the other hand, why not use the interactive features to practice reading comprehension? The interactive book format is excellent for both storytelling and learning.

Audio, video and images are integrated with a manifold of interactive features and layouts. This is the environment that works to empower the engagement of the iReader, the learner.

The Book Designer’s/Author’s task is to decide which media-form that will be the most effective for each section of the book, and in the next step which interactive features should be integrated. With our Storyteller On Demand-service we help you to optimize your book with these empowering features after your book’s unique prerequisites.

Your story

You have a story, and you want to empower it even further to improve the readers’ experience. InteraQtive Books here brings loads of opportunities with its about 30 basic interactive features with a manifold of combinations available. Interactive features that will bring your story to an even higher level, at the same time as it transforms the reader into an iReader. An experience that not only is activating as in traditional book formats but also where the reader is actually acting. As good stories and texts for learning are captivating. An interaQtive Book is taking the reader one or two steps even further to get more integrated into the story.

Story Path features for storytelling and learning

Improving a book’s “paths” with interactive features offers many opportunities. It could be anything from an encyclopedia link to explain a term in the text. To fully interactified paths through the book where the story/text is integrated within the interactive features, in most cases, different features for different sections of the book. However, the middle way, where interactive features forming sections within the text is still the most common for both storytelling and learning.

Which layout?

It depends on the story/text, target group(s), and purpose of the book. To empower engagement even further the author can use gamification mechanisms that are integrated into and work with the interactive features in the environment of storytelling and learning.

How to use interactive story path features

The interactive paths in the book could be a summary in books for learning with a memory game or the summary feature. It could include a virtual tour around e.g. a city where the story is taking place with the iReader as the navigator. It could be a simulation where e.g. the iReader tries different paths of the story, for instance for the author to try and test different endings, or let the iReader choose which ending by themselves. These are just three examples of loads of possible interactive paths in interaQtive Books.

Integrated Activating Multimedia

Build a section with a videostory where you as the author can include multiple-choice questions, word games, links, summaries, and much more within the video story. Or simply make it possible for the iReader to listen to the text either with a human voice or AI Storyteller.

Or let the iReader answer questions verbally where the interaQtive book evaluates and give instant feedback to your answers. Or turn that concept around and let the iReader listen to a text and the task is to write what is said and then receive instant feedback on the work. These are just a few of a manifold of features in concern of using multimedia in interaQtive books. Besides our 360 degrees comics concept where the first episode of IN:D>Valley soon will be published, our concept for children’s books now is being developed in the first interaQtive book in SOE PublishingLab.

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