Interactive Books with a Q Part 3 - Integrated Activating MultimediaTo be able to use more senses than the eyes for simply reading is one of the main benefits with interaQtive books. Audio, video and images integrated with a manifold of interactive features and layouts. This is empowering the engagement of the iReader with integrated activating multimedia. Something that makes Book Designer’s/Author’s task to decide which media-form that will be the most effective for each section of the book, and in the next step which interactive features that should be integrated. 

Integrated Activating Multimedia

Build a section with a video-story where you as the author can include multiple-choice questions, word games, links, summaries and much more within the video story. Or simply make it possible for the iReader to listen to the text either with a human voice or AI Storyteller. Or let the iReader answer questions verbally where the interaQtive book evaluates and give instant feedback to your answers. Or turn that concept around and let the iReader listen to a text and the task is to write what is said and then receive instant feedback on the work. These are just a few of a manifold of features in concern of using multimedia in interaQtive books.  

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