Storyteller On Demand – We make Your Book INTERACTIVE!

Storyteller On Demand – We make Your Book INTERACTIVE! publishing

Storyteller On Demand - We make Your Book INTERACTIVE!

This includes FREE analysis of Your book in order to make it interactive, counselling, development on Storyteller on eLearningworld-platform, demo-test and end-product. The interaQtive books can be published as native interactive books (downloadable) for Android and iOS. Progressive Interactive Books that work on-and offline for most devices and OS. And an Interactive Book Online, it is a web-based application. The interaQtive book-concept is especially well equipped for skills development, learning in general, brand management, engagement and inspirational productions as well as books for children and teenagers. It includes advanced interactive modules and quizzes, and mechanisms for gamification and simulations, and multimedia.

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  • How it works
  • interaQtive Books - more details
  • Additional services
  • Other Storyteller Services

1. Send Your manuscript to us for a free evaluation.

2. We evaluate if we can add considerable value to Your book with Storyteller On eLearningworld features.

3. And if our conclusion is YES we can! We will send a proposal to You.

4. And if you accept it, we’ll start the development. We’re using the 6iModel for project management which, means that You will be involved in every stage of the process.

5. If the answer is NO in any of the points above, we’ll erase all data and documents from our contacts, in accordance with GDPR and Your safety.

Storyteller On eLearningworld for interaQtive books

Formats for interaQtive books

  • Downloadable Native Interactive Book for Android and iOS.
  • Progressive Interactive Books for Windows, MacBook, Chromebook, Linux, as well as, Android and iOS. It works both on- and offline, and you open it from your desktop/home screen.
  • Interactive Books Online that works with all OS and all of the most common browsers.


  • Interactive Quiz-exercises
  • Advanced interactive exercise modules
  • Video, sound and text
  • Result Management and teacher administration
  • Soon also gamification

We make your book interactive

The interactive books are developed on our platform Storyteller on eLearningworld that soon will be open for everybody, more information about the plans and possibilities you find here


(We have authors with expertise covering several subject-fields and different languages available.)

Printed books production,

Distribution and marketing

Storyteller PublishingLab – makerspace for publishing houses and educational organisations!

For more information click here!

Storyteller for business

Please, Contact Us!


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