Gamification Design – Free Interactive Chapter

Gamification Design – Free Interactive Chapter

Gamification Design – Free Interactive ChapterUse creativity, solve problems, make your curiousity take you further for more fun, win more points, reach a new level and at the same time develop your skills and knowledge, while status and recognition are waiting around the corner. Many words on engagement can be written to describe gamification. But how should you design so it actually lives up to the great prospects?

Gamification Design – three steps

First of all, you have to define the purpose of gamified learning content. This is the foundation the content and interactive feedback and game mechanics have to relate to. Secondly, the platform has to open up to the user, meaning it has to be a human-centred engaging experience. Where, thirdly, it at the same time challenge the creative ability and analytical skills. And, finally, trial and error, the design should favour mistakes and strategically wrong decisions etc. To make the user rethink, refine and remake again and again, in order to learn the most vital knowledge of all, that perfection does not exist, you can always improve whatever you do.

Gamification Design – Free interactive chapter

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