Småland’s official dish for new energy

Småland’s official dish for new energy

Småland's official dish for new energySmåland’s official dish contains isterband, potatoes and raw stirred lingonberries, and for dessert, Smålandish cheesecake and jam. This is a robust meal for active people at work and in their free time. You can read about this and much more in the book “Matresan genom Småland” (The food trip through Småland) by Lars Göran Boström, which was launched about a month ago. It is only available in Swedish at the moment, but we are planning to translate it into more languages.

The food trip through Småland is a culinary tour of a landscape whose culture and people have been rewritten by so many prominent writers. In addition to often being described, Småland cuisine is a unique taste experience, both on site and to bring into your own kitchen. This book was written for this purpose. It works therefore both as a tour guide including an interactive map, and with recipes for your own kitchen. In addition, it contains interesting reading about Småland from a food perspective. Smålandish cheesecake

Matresan genom Småland

The book can be purchased directly from our webstore BiQStore where you can pay via Klarna – Get first, pay later. No fees, or through PayPal.


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