The power of storytelling and its origins - #MondayMotivation

From the Native American Legend of the Storytelling Stone that origins from the Seneca tribe from the area where Toronto are located today.

“My stories are like the stars that never fades.
Some will remember every word I say,
others just a part of it, and the rest nothing at all.
When you ask for a story always give a gift in return.”

The power of storytelling and its origins

The power of an engaging story can change the world or keep it on its tracks. In this perspective fairy tales that lived on for hundreds of years has shown to be a powerful timeless source to influence societies. Recent research from Durham University anthropologist Dr Jamie Tehrani, and folklorist Sara Graça da Silva, from the New University of Lisbon, shows that fairy tales like “Beauty and the Beast” is much older than before was commonly thought. Read the full story here

There will be a challenge on this subject at the end of the week. Stay tuned!



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