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Storyteller PublishingLab is a makerspace that is adapted for publishing houses and educational organizations where they can develop interactive books and make their existent production more interactive.

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Storyteller for Business for learning and brand management

Storyteller for Business services provide sensible intelligence and learning with integrated interactivity that empowers all stakeholders of your business. This includes loads of features for learning, information and brand management. The format for the distribution is interactive books and apps.

We are using modern publishing technology to empower Your learning activities and Your brand. By boosting its interactivity and Your stakeholder’s learning, engagement and increase sales.  The development of the apps is made on our platform for integrated storytelling.

Storyteller fo Business

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Interactive storytelling and gamified apps

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Storyteller on Demand

European trends
from an EU, innovation, regional and city perspective

European trends from an EU, innovation, regional and city perspective

European trends opening soon!

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 Regions and Cities


European Union

In this age of transformation into the digital age. We are analyzing the progress in Europe, not the conflicts, but instead the trends, innovation and what is around the next corner of the development.

Watching all the nuances of Europe transforming into the digital age through a kaleidoscope the IBIAm, InteraQtive Business Intelligence Analytics Model. From which the trend reports are produced. The focus is directed on some of the core entities of development in Europe, the cities and regions, and the EU, as well as innovation in general.

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