Bordertravellers – Short stories by LarsGoran Bostrom

Bordertraveller - Short stories by LarsGoran Bostrom

Insightful stories and a time portrayal about the power of transformation

The book is being translated into Greek and English. Today it is available in a printed version and as an ebook in Swedish. Read about the translation here.

This collection includes stories from different societal environments, their drama and problems. At the same time as the book also is moving on another level in an underlying story. It is a time portrayal of a crumbling industrial society. Where dark clouds are covering the sky as it is no longer is in line with the development.

The story starts on a peaceful day on the beach. With an approaching mystery and ends in the eye of a storm in “the Lighthouse”. A new society, the digital, is showing its youthful energy as the story is leaving the lighthouse behind. Like in all times of similar transformations the engines always have been a combination of new technologies and people that have shown the way.

The bordertravellers

It is these people that are the bordertravellers. They, who with a humanistic spirit shows the injustices in the old society but also works as the architects for the new,  in both small and big contexts.

Bordertravellers - Short stories by LarsGoran Bostrom

The Swedish edition of Bordertravellers that is available. As an ebook in bookstores all over the world and the printed hardcover edition is available in bookstores in the Nordic Countries. It can also be ordered directly from the publishing house,

However, the book “Gränsfarare” (BorderTravellers) is at the same time a collection of short stories from transformational times.

In this dynamic environment, we are meeting Emmy that during her teenage-years was affected by a brutal injustice and the current norms forced her to a suffering silence. Then one day she comes back to the place everything started. Or Zoe that despite unique top competence and talent is forced in accordance with the welfare state’s norms to clean floors due to her ethnic background. But she breaks out from this imprisonment. Or the timeless struggle between humanism and religious dogmas where the latter all too often develops into a monster. Or how men with power, because it is often men, stands defenseless when the wind of change blows, but they continue like Don Quijote to fight under bloodshed against windmill after windmill. These are just some of the perspectives that are hiding in this collection of short stories.

In general, it is empowered by the dynamism of European philosophy and history, where Erasmus, Aristotle, Sir Francis Bacon, Martin Luther among others gives fuel to the stories. Bordertraveller is written by LarsGoran Bostrom.

Bordertraveller is expected to be launched in February 2019 …

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