Pablo Picasso on Learning – #MondayMotivation

Pablo Picasso on Learning - #MondayMotivation

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

Pablo Picasso

We visited Museo Picasso in Barcelona this weekend, an extraordinary centre of inspiration from one of the greatest artists. Let’s take Pablo Picasso’s words on learning above with us this week and create something great in any format! Maybe even in the form of an interactive book, if interested, learn more about it here.

Best practice to improve Your writing skills – #MondayMotivation

Best practice to improve Your writing skills - #MondayMotivation

“A good writer should be able to write comedic work that made you laugh, and scary stuff that made you scared, and fantasy or science fiction that imbued you with a sense of wonder, and mainstream journalism that gave you clear and concise information in a way that you wanted it.”

Neil Gaiman

Best practice to become a great writer, train by writing different kinds of texts. You’ll never know when you stumble on Your special voice and field. In addition, you’ll be improving your general writing skills.

To unite Science and Fiction – and make it interesting – #FridayMotivation

To unite Science and Fiction - and make it interesting - #FridayMotivation

“I’m fond of science fiction. But not all science fiction. I like science fiction where there’s a scientific lesson, for example – when the science fiction book changes one thing but leaves the rest of science intact and explores the consequences of that. That’s actually very valuable.”

Richard Dawkins

So let’s find a trigger, a disruption, a development, and explore its consequences in our society. We’re sure it will be a very interesting and highly motivating journey. B-InteraQtive Publishing will soon start a new project within this field. If you working on a story within this field, please contact us.