To be Interactive in Publishing

Now we are about to publish our first book, which is a collection of short stories that also sets the agenda for B-InteraQtive Publishing. The title is “Border travellers” (translated from Swedish Gränsfarare) and it is exploring timeless battles in the society like women’s struggle for liberation, religious fanaticism, the horror of war but also love beyond borders. At the same time as people, border travellers; find their own solutions, today and in history, to conquer these problems. These border travellers follow five simple values: Difference, Radical honesty, Extra value, Authenticity, Meaningful and Simple rules in order to make dreams come true. This is also what B-InteraQtive Publishing does and stands for.

Three foundational pillars

From the five values mentioned above B-InteraQtive Publishing rests on three pillars; engaging storytelling, the dynamics of tutoring and different packaging of the same book to fit all people. The outcome is interactivity besides engagement and learning, and this is where our MakeIT-platform is offering a unique opportunity. Here we create InteraQtive Books where the content can include text, image, sound, video and interactive exercises. The InteraQtive Book can be published as an app for Android, iOS and Windows as well as an online course with or without tutoring tools. We offer this form of packing besides more traditional printed books, ebooks and audiobooks since we believe that content is king and the packing should be personalised. This is what modern publishing is all about.

B-InteraQtive Publishing Editorial staff