Interactive Books with a Q Part 4 – Curiosity and Learning

Walt Disney’s words are a distinct definition of what a traditional book wants to accomplish and even more the functionally empowered book design of interactive books. Its interactive features take the iReader on a journey of deepening thoughts, engagement and learning by doing. Where the iReader remains the navigator of “opening new doors and doing new things” and curiosity is the fuel for the whole process. 

In this light the interactive book could be the source and solution to the following words of Albert Einstein:

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”

Since it in itself generates fuel of curiosity for most people. It becomes informal learning in a formal context, which means an optimisation of the learning environment. See the animation and click the links below for more information. 

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Interactive Books with Gamification soon Augmented Reality

Interactive Books with Gamification are developed on our platform Storyteller on eLearningworld. As traditional ebooks mostly are digital replicas of the printed book. The interaQtive book is making use of the technologies in order to empower the book for the benefit of the reader. The next generation ebooks in form of interaQtive books offer optimized interaction design to empower the reader. This includes Engaging, Inspirational and Learning features. For more information see the video below.

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interactive Books formats


To use Off- and Online for PCs with Windows 10, PCs with Linux, MacBooks and Chromebooks as well as Android devices, iPhone and iPad





Android devices, iPhone and iPad




Works with most modern browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Edge and Safari



Features of an interaQtive Book

  • Interactive Quiz-exercises
  • Advanced interactive exercise modules
  • Video, sound and text
  • Write personal notes to the content in the interactive book
  • Result Management and teacher administration
  • Gamification
  • Soon also Augmented Reality (AR)

Structure of interaQtive Books

interaQtive Book samples

Click on the book cover to go to the interactive book, it is available in an online edition and as a progressive interactive book. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about the books and interactive books in general.

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