Making Creativity Work – #MondayInspiration

“He who loves practice without theory
is like the sailor who boards a ship
without a rudder and compass
and never knows where he may cast.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo wrote and drew more than 5000 pages of notes and sketches about everything that came to his mind. The keys to his methods are based on practice, theory and visualisation to making creativity work. Where you according to Leonardo should start to work on detail after detail in order to create a whole “image”. We highly recommend to read Walter Isaacson’s biography about Leonardo since it gives a very insightful review about his life, work and methods.

Making creativity work with the 6iModel

Leonardo’s notebooks also formed an important pillar when developing the 6iModel, whose purpose is to work as a “rudder and compass” to all kinds of projects where creativity is the driving force. The 6iModel is described in the book “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody” by LarsGoran Bostrom   It is available in many bookstores and the printed hardcover edition can be ordered directly from the B-InteraQtive Publishing.

Creative weekend for faster development – #FridayMotivation


“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.”

Victor Pinchuk

Let’s start a creative project this weekend in the spirit of freedom and art! If You need guidance first go the 6iModel in the book “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody” by LarsGoran Bostrom that is available in all the big ebook stores all over the world. The book is also available in print. Let’s develop the society for the better …