A treasure of books – in new formats

In our Storyteller PublishingLab we are now developing new layouts for interactive books, including 360 Degrees Comics, interactive books for learning, and a new groundbreaking concept for children’s books (will be launched after the summer 2020). Click here for more information about Storyteller On Demand Interesting, please click on the links to learn more.


360 Degree Comics – Experimenting with integrated interactivity

The printed comics magazine is losing ground, while digital slider-based comics are becoming more and more popular. It is especially among younger people with their smartphones where this concept is a success story. However, we decided to try to take this concept to the next level with integrated interactivity and a virtual 360-degree tour to empower the user’s experience. We are now launching the first production that still is in an experimental mode when it comes to the concept. The application was developed in our Storyteller PublishingLab for interaQtive Books. While it is originally published in our Bordertraveller blog that is now being launched. It is focusing on books, publishing and the society, and it is the English version of Gränsfararebloggen (in Swedish) that has been around for a while.

Using 360 degree comics

To use a 360-degree comics strip experience you drag the strip clockwise. As you follow the comics strip you will find additional integrated features like audio, video, text, links and quizzes. See our 360-degree comics story with the title: The Development of the book and freedom of expression, click here.

Interactive Books with a Q Part 4 – Curiosity and Learning

Walt Disney’s words are a distinct definition of what a traditional book wants to accomplish and even more the functionally empowered book design of interactive books. Its interactive features take the iReader on a journey of deepening thoughts, engagement and learning by doing. Where the iReader remains the navigator of “opening new doors and doing new things” and curiosity is the fuel for the whole process. 

In this light the interactive book could be the source and solution to the following words of Albert Einstein:

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”

Since it in itself generates fuel of curiosity for most people. It becomes informal learning in a formal context, which means an optimisation of the learning environment. See the animation and click the links below for more information. 

More stories on curiosity and learning

Curiosity to Learn in a tech-savvy World

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Books rule the world

Bernhardin St Pierre’s words from the 18th Century are still vital in our age. Especially, in light of that the book is on a journey into being published in new formats with empowering features for the mind and skill’s development. We offer interactive books with features like gamification, audio, video, loads of different forms of exercises and layouts. Soon augmented reality features will be available on our makerspace Storyteller on eLearningworld. Where the interactive books are developed, published and distributed. The interactive books can be distributed in three different formats. Progressive interactive books that can be used from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Web-based interactive books where you log in online to use the book. And native interactive books that can be used from mobile devices. For more information click below:

interaQtive Books with integrated gamification features that empowers inspiration, engagement and boosting skills development. More information about our services you find on Storyteller PublishingLabStoryteller on Demand and Storyteller for Business.

Yes! Bernhardin St Pierre’s are still vital, books rule the world, and will continue to do so …

After broadcasting media – #FridayInspiration

“I must say I find television very educational.
The minute somebody turns it on,
I go to the library and read a good book.”

Groucho Marx

Still, broadcasting media, like TV, have a huge impact on society. A form of media that can be defined as force-fed information to passive viewers.  This in sharp contrast to other forms of media where activity is required and the user gives time to reflect and act. For example, a book is a friend and a guide to reflect upon, instead of a commander. Or an interactive book that both are a friend and an activating guide to empower your personal development, skills and knowledge etc.


Translation of Gränsfarare (in eng. Bordertravelers) – a collection of short stories

The translation of Gränsfarare to Greek is now on its way, shortly the book also will be translated to English, and there are plans for more languages later on.

The translator to Greek who is also the publisher of B-InteraQtive Publishing, Virginia Ioannou Boström, has almost ten years professional experience of translations from Swedish to Greek as well as from Greek to Swedish. She says: ”It is a really exciting challenge to translate literature.”

The author LarsGöran Boström comments: ”It is natural that Greek is the first language that my collection of short stories is being translated to. Since it was in Greece the writing of the book took off for real and at the same time it is in this environment several of the stories fully or partly takes place. It will be really interesting to review the Greek version of Gränsfarare.”

At the moment the book is available in Swedish see B-InteraQtive Publishings information-page about the book here and information in English is available here. The Swedish edition of Gränsfarare – Noveller som rör sig genom tid och rum is available in print and as an ebook, and can be bought in Swedish bookstores as well as Apple iBooks.