Storytelling by an eyewitness – Stockholm history

Storytelling by an eyewitness – Stockholm history

Storytelling by an eyewitness - Stockholm history

New book from B-InteraQtive Publishing

A Frenchman in Stockholm 1844-45 by François Rouel

On an early autumn day in the year, 1844 François Rouel and his companion enter Stockholm. In order to participate in the coronation of king Oscar I. After an eventful, but not that pleasant first day as a Frenchman in Stockholm, he later writes: “On the first day of my stay in the capital, I could not imagine that I would stay for half a year that turned out to be the case”.

After the coronation of king Oscar I, which for a Frenchman was of special interest, since the new king was born in France. Rouel begins an insightful exploration of the city’s social life, high and low, added with imaginative comparisons with his home country. This is a well-connected eyewitness insight into the social- and political conditions of the Swedish capital. A story from Stockholm history told in a humouristic and elegant way.

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The book is available as an ebook and audiobook! Click to learn more about where to buy it! The Swedish edition will be published at the end of March.

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