Add interactivity to Your book to empower the reader

Add interactivity to Your book to empower the reader

Add interactivity to Your book to empower the readerContent is still king. Nothing can empower the reader more. Since engaging stories, content for learning, other non-fictional texts showing the direction, plays with the mind, making ideas flow, and much more. But what if you could empower these developing forces even further? What if different forms of interactivity were added to Your book? Empowering features that make the user experience even more powerful. In this spirit, we believe that interactivity will be the main engine for the next generation ebooks. In addition, it offers a simplified distribution of the book and more flexible sales models.

Storyteller on Demand service to empower the reader

Our service Storyteller on Demand gives access to our expertise and platform to make Your book interactive. The interaQtive book is making use of the technologies in order to empower the book for the benefit of the reader. Furthermore, even though content still is king, interactive features do make Your book stand out before the loads of books that are traditionally published every month.

InteraQtive Books – the next generation ebooks

The next generation ebooks in the form of interaQtive books offer optimized interaction design to empower the reader. This includes Engaging, Inspirational, and Learning features, which especially are workable for non-fiction and edubooks, as well as children’s and teen’s books. In other words, they serve as a vital part of today’s and future lifelong learning.

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