Ancient wisdom as a Guide for Learning Design

Yes, the old Roman emperor’s words both form a vision for life in general but also works as a starting point for a guide for learning design and designers. For more information and practice about modern learning design please click here for more information about the book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody by LarsGoran Bostrom. Where the focus is set on eLearning, but not in the traditional meaning of the word since the e now stands for experience not electronic. Thereby, the old fight between digital advocates and traditionalists has lost its meaning in a human-centred approach to UX design. The approach is today called design thinking.


The Power of Storytelling as an essential human activity

The Power of Storytelling is based on the story as the core, and the way You tell it, is the way it is able to reach the hearts and minds.

Our SOE PublishingLab for interaQtive Books helps You to empower the telling part of storytelling.

The next generation ebooks in the form of interaQtive books offer an optimized interaction design for the reader.

Click here to learn more about interaQtive Books and SOE PublishingLab and also see the video below.

To write children’s books

Writing children’s books is an art in itself … We can help you develop your book in new formats as well as traditional.

In our Storyteller PublishingLab we are now developing new layouts for interactive books, including 360 Degrees Comicsinteractive books for learning, and a new groundbreaking concept for children’s books (will be launched after the summer 2020).


New Teen’s and Children’s Book format developing

After the summer we will launch a new immersive and exciting format for children’s books. It is focusing on empowering storytelling and learning, and above all improve personalised or/and collaborative inspiration and motivation. The new Children’s Book format is being developed on the SOE PublishingLab-platform.


A treasure of books – in new formats

In our Storyteller PublishingLab we are now developing new layouts for interactive books, including 360 Degrees Comics, interactive books for learning, and a new groundbreaking concept for children’s books (will be launched after the summer 2020). Click here for more information about Storyteller On Demand Interesting, please click on the links to learn more.


360 Degree Comics – Experimenting with integrated interactivity

The printed comics magazine is losing ground, while digital slider-based comics are becoming more and more popular. It is especially among younger people with their smartphones where this concept is a success story. However, we decided to try to take this concept to the next level with integrated interactivity and a virtual 360-degree tour to empower the user’s experience. We are now launching the first production that still is in an experimental mode when it comes to the concept. The application was developed in our Storyteller PublishingLab for interaQtive Books. While it is originally published in our Bordertraveller blog that is now being launched. It is focusing on books, publishing and the society, and it is the English version of Gränsfararebloggen (in Swedish) that has been around for a while.

Using 360 degree comics

To use a 360-degree comics strip experience you drag the strip clockwise. As you follow the comics strip you will find additional integrated features like audio, video, text, links and quizzes. See our 360-degree comics story with the title: The Development of the book and freedom of expression, click here.

Interactive Books with a Q Part 4 – Curiosity and Learning

Walt Disney’s words are a distinct definition of what a traditional book wants to accomplish and even more the functionally empowered book design of interactive books. Its interactive features take the iReader on a journey of deepening thoughts, engagement and learning by doing. Where the iReader remains the navigator of “opening new doors and doing new things” and curiosity is the fuel for the whole process. 

In this light the interactive book could be the source and solution to the following words of Albert Einstein:

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”

Since it in itself generates fuel of curiosity for most people. It becomes informal learning in a formal context, which means an optimisation of the learning environment. See the animation and click the links below for more information. 

More stories on curiosity and learning

Curiosity to Learn in a tech-savvy World

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Letting the reader inside the story – #FridayMotivation

“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader –
not the fact that it is raining,
but the feeling of being rained upon.”

E. L. Doctorow

To let the reader inside the story, the feelings, events, the conclusions, is what the art of writing is all about. The basics are an engaging story in itself as well as excellent storytelling. To integrate the reader even further in Your story you could add interactive design and publish your work as an interactive book. Very soon we will launch our PublishingLab for interactive books, our OnDemand-services is already available. Have a creative and beautiful weekend!