Empowering A Frenchman in Stockholm 1844-45 with more interactivity

Empowering A Frenchman in Stockholm 1844-45 with more interactivity

A Frenchman in Stockholm 1844-45 was published a few months ago as an ebook with the possibility to also listen to the book. When we soon will publish the Swedish edition in hardcover print, we are also releasing a new part of the book with more interactivity, both for free access to our dear readers that already bought the book and new readers.

Empowering A Frenchman in Stockholm 1844-45 with more interactivity Stockholm - The history of the illustrations

Authentic illustrations

As the book includes authentic illustrations from the time when the author François Rouel visited Stockholm, where most of them were drawn by the author and artist G.H. Mellin, the new interactive part of the book is called “Stockholm – The history of the illustrations”. In which G.H. Mellin’s illustration can be seen in full-screen format, but also to read his story as he is wandering through Stockholm is included with new interactive features.

More interactivity

While François Rouel’s story is directed on the people, the social conditions, culture, entertainment and business life etc. G.H. Mellin’s story, in association with the illustrations, is focusing on the environment, the streets, buildings and how it all was organised.

The interactive concept of the “Stockholm – The history of the illustrations” is generally, read, improved view of illustrations, integrated activity and social activity. More information on these interactive features will be published when we are launching, please register for our Newsletter, to keep up with good news from B-InteraQtive Publishing and eLearningworld Europe AB. The interactive part is developed on our platform SOE PublishingLab.

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