Bordertravelers – Short stories by LarsGöran Boström

cover-bordertravellers-338x252alter2-page001The book is being translated to Greek and English. Today it is available in a printed version and as an ebook in Swedish. Read about the translation here.

The book “Gränsfarare” (BorderTravelers) is a collection of short stories that moves through time and space. It is a journey in claustrophobic closed rooms where the reader together with BorderTravelers fumbles towards the distant light.

BorderTravelers have existed during the whole history, sometimes in the shadows and other times on the scene for everybody to see. They are always in struggle against the injustices of that particular time fighting for human boundlessness. In these nine short stories we will meet some of them both from our age as well as from historic times, e.g. in struggle for female liberation, against religious dogmas, and advance humanistic values. It is stories about rebellion and freedom in a society that feels familiar, but that sometimes cross the border to mythology and other ages of time. They offer journeys on different levels as the subtitle proclaims: Short stories that moves through time and space.

In this dynamic environment we are meeting Emmy that during her teenage-years was affect by a brutal injustice and the current norms forced her to suffering silence. Then one day she comes back to the place everything started. Or Zoe that despite unique top competence in accordance with the welfare state’s norms are placed to clean floors due to her ethnic background, but she breaks out from this imprisonment. Or the timeless struggle between humanism and religious dogmas where the latter all too often develops into a monster. Or how men with power, because it is often men, stands defenceless when the wind of change blows, but they continue like Don Quijote to fight under bloodshed against windmill after windmill. These are just some of the perspectives that are hiding in this collection of short stories.

The book starts at the beach in a day filled with hope and ends in a lighthouse and a necessary break up.

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