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About our publishing and our values
Short stories (plans to translate to English)
Will be launched soon!
We have postponed the launch a few weeks because we now have a related book that will be launched at the same time. More info soon!
Working with a book project? Please contact us!

We are looking for manuscripts and synopsis that combine learning, storytelling and society. Our production and publishing consists of interaQtive books online and as application (with or without course-tools), eBooks in .epub and pdf-format and printed books. The production is characterised by high quality and technology-neutrality.
On B-InteraQtive MakeIT-platform we create interactive books with or without course-tools for distribution online and as application to sell on Google Play, Apple Appstore and/or Windows Store. Soon we will also launch eLearningworld MakeIT when we opening the platform for everybody that want to create interactive books online and as an application by themselves. Besides the possibilities with MakeIT-plattform our expertise includes ebooks, printed books and advanced applications for Android, iOS and Windows. Interactivity and simplification without making sacrifice on the quality is the key to all our production.
We sell via bookstores, eLearningworld.NET, Google Play, Apple Appstore, Windows Store etc.
New Projects
Very Welcome to send new project-ideas, manuscript and products ready for publishing!

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Prenumerera gärna på vårt nyhetsbrev med fokus på  bi-logobokutgivning i olika format, storytelling i allmänhet och vår egen produktion. Vårt  nyhetsbrev InteraQtive Storytelling kommer att komma ut sex gånger per år i en svensk och en engelsk version. Skriv din e-mejladress nedan och ett bekräftelse mejl skickas till dig, klicka sedan på länken i bekräftelsemejlet så kommer första numret av nyhetsbrevet till dig vid publicering. Tack på förhand!